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River Market @ New Westminster Quay

Truffle Pig Chocolates

Direct Fair Trade, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

Give the gift of delicious chocolate expertly crafted in Canada using only the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced. Ethical treats that you can give out with full knowledge you know where it comes from and that it doesn't involve the use of inhumane farming practices!


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Truffle Assortment Box 5pc
Choc01  7.00
Truffle Milk Chocolate Box 5pc
Choc02  7.00
Truffle Dark Chocolate Box 5pc
Choc03  7.00
Truffle Assortment Box 11pc
Choc04  12.50
Truffle Milk Chocolate Box 11pc
Choc05  12.50
Truffle Dark Chocolate Box 11pc
Choc06  12.50
Chocolate Shoppe Assortment 30pc
Choc07  34.50
Rose Box with 11 Piece Truffles
Rogers Chocolates
Rose21  $65.00

About Truffle Pig Chocolates

Did you know we can trace every cacao bean we use in our chocolates to the farm? How many companies can tell you this?

Slave Free Chocolate, the way all chocolate should be!


Milk Chocolate Ingredients
Dark Chocolate Ingredients